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Engel Portable Fridge Freezer review

Engel Portable Fridge Freezers review

When it comes to Portable Fridges and Freezers, the reputation of Engel fridges, such as the ever popular Engel MT45 is second to none. Engel has been manufacturing portable fridges and freezers since the 1960s. If you’re looking for a reason to place your confidence in their product, then consider that many of the first Engel fridge/freezers built are still great operating condition today. You just can’t kill these little pearls! This is a fine testimony to the quality build and durability of Engel Fridge Freezers.

Customers of Engel have often relayed feedback about their products being able to survive car accidents and other catastrophes, the product often remaining either undamaged or at least in excellent operating condition afterward. Built for the rugged conditions of places like the American and Australian outbacks, these tough fridges use a unique swing motor system which allows the Engel fridge freezer to run on a slope so that it doesn’t cut out and let your food-stuffs lose their cool!

The more recent Engel portable fridge freezers, namely the recent F series, have the advantage of running off 12, 24 and 110 volts, automatically switching, making them suitable for many different applications. Some additional facts are that they can run off Solar Power supply, drawing only 0.7-3.6 amps and can maintain an internal temperature with variable temp control from 40 to 0 deg F. Another good feature in some Engel models is the separate Fridge Freezer compartments of the combos. Other models without this feature simply switch from one mode to another, depending on what you prefer. The Engel is very efficient and effective at its job of cooling, minus degrees Celsius not being a problem for it, no matter what size you require. Rugged and cool are it’s two most important design advantages, and boy does an Engel deliver them, with ease.

One customer who swears by Engel says he runs his Fridge all the time. He takes his Engel refridgerator MT45 camping to keep the food cool, but when he comes home, instead of stowing it away in the shed, he uses it to keep his beer and other refreshments cool, like a backup bar-fridge! The Engel is truly versatile if you are a think outside the square.

Our supplier has a large range of Engel portable fridges and freezers and a secure online purchasing system with a transporting system that goes international. As well as this of course they have a low price guarantee, free shipping with “ship to store” option, and a “No Hassles Guarantee” on returns or exchanges. They are also Americas biggest marine dealer, specializing in portable goods for the “away from home” leisure seeker or just those who spend many hours away from conveniences. As they are as interested in their reputation as we are, they wouldn’t recommend any other product for the job of keeping your food fresh with as much confidence?

When it comes to cool, there are none cooler than Engel fridge freezers. Follow the linked text to find a great range of Engel portable fridge-freezers on our site.

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