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Mr Heater Review

Here at Great Portables we review a very special item called Mr Heater. This propane powered portable heater is a state of the art invention that can keep you warm is a range of different situations. And all it needs to run is a propane gas cartridge. Cheap as chips!

When you’re out in the back country camping, living in your RV or Caravan, tending to the Ranch or living anyhwere remotely, Mr Heater can keep you comfortable safely with the Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Propane Heater – Portable , Mr. Heater F274800 Big Buddy Propane Heater or Mr Heater Little Buddy. Also the Mr Heater Big Maxx and Mr Heater Hunting Buddy should definitely be on your list of considerations.

If you’re a tradesman or just need an outdoors heater somewhere for convenience and warmth, the Mr. Heater F242650 Propane Tank Top Heater ~ Dual Burner or Mr. Heater F242100 Single Burner Tank Heater is a fantastic solution. These will go for many hours before needing refilling.

The best thing about Mr Heater Buddy heaters is debatable. Mr Heater is not only cheap and efficient and extremely stow-able for it’s performance, but also safe!. If you tip over Mr Heater Big Buddy or Mr Heater Little Buddy propane heaters, they will turn off due to their integrated safety switch that prevents gas flow if tipped beyond a crucial degree beyond level.

So as well as being efficient and safe, these Mr Heaters are Portable heaters, and that’s where we at Great Portables Love them the most. We are Portable Heater and appliance experts and try only to stick to the best available recommendations. So we’re proud to be affiliated with the Mr Heater Buddy range.

So if you want a Buddy of a Heater, try Mr Heater Propane Heaters.

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